Kenyans Agree With Reuben Kigame That Ruto is Overdoing Religion

September 16, 2022

Evangelist Reuben Kigame on Thursday sparked an engaging debate among social media users after he called out President Ruto for overdoing religion.

In a well-articulated Twitter thread, the Presidential aspirant said the Executive officer should be guided by Article 27 of the constitution.

“I know I will be bashed but I need to be truthful and accountable to the nation. I think the Ruto administration is overdoing religion. While we acknowledge the hand of God in bringing us this far, presidency must observe Article 27 of the constitution,” the first tweet reads.

The veteran gospel musician took issue with the inauguration of President Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua saying it was inundated with religion.

“During the inauguration, the evangelical wing of the church was overrepresented. this was unnecessary. I do not know what the transition committee intended to prove to Kenya and the watching world,” Kigame wondered.

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Noting that he is a devout Christian himself, Kigame said the church should play a neutral, balanced and truthful role.

“I am a committed Christian who believes in prayer and believe God has helped us this far and Will continue to trust Him for the future of Kenya, but I hope that issues such as lowering food prices will not be met with State house saying, “let’s pray about it”.

I strongly believe that the church should play A neutral, prophetic, balanced and truthful role in order to provide a true spiritual direction for the country. it should congratulate the king but also be prepared to tell the king that he is naked should he be,” he concluded.

Kigame’s statement evoked lots of mixed reactions, with the majority of Twitter users agreeing with him.

We have compiled some tweets below.

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