Why Bien Never Sleeps With Chiki Kuruka Before a Show

August 5, 2022

Like most other performing musicians, Sauti Sol’s lead member Bien Aime Baraza has a pre-show ritual he follows before rocking the stage.

One of these is staying in different hotel rooms with his wife and manager, Chiki Kuruka.

Speaking on the Citizen Radio show ‘Mambo Mseto’, Bien told Mzazi Willy Tuva that he ensures that a promoter booking him for a show also books a separate room for Chiki.

“Si she is my manager? She gets her room as my manager and I get a separate one booked for me like a G and I do my own things in my own room,” he said.

The ‘Dimension’ hitmaker added that he likes to self-isolate in his room to meditate on the upcoming show.

“When I am performing and I have a show, I normally stay in my hotel room alone. I don’t even have music inside there. I usually prefer being by myself as I meditate on the upcoming show,” he said.

Speaking on what it’s like to have his wife as his manager, Bien said Chiki always does a good job.

“At the end of the day, management is something that involves trust. And my wife cannot steal from me. Beyond trust, there is a certain element of management that women are better than men at doing,” Bien said.

He however acknowledged that they do face some challenges which they usually resolve through counseling and being transparent with each other.

“Yes, things go well. But of course, there are challenges. Mafeelings ziko all over the place. Ni hard in the beginning, but I think we have transparency. Also, we have a life coach and a counseling session to iron out our issues. We talk it out in a counseling session na inakuwa tu poa,” he said.

Bien and Chiki have been married for two years now, with the singer previously admitting he was ready to call it quits after just eight months.

Being in the house all day with my girl every day, amazing as she is, it was driving me nuts. The small things became the big things and eight months in, I was like I want a divorce, this is too much,” Bien said.

The towering singer also spoke about dating in one’s 20s saying it is a waste of time.

“I can’t give advice to someone in their twenties to grow in a relationship, at least work on yourself, travel, also date other people here and there, but I can’t give advice to someone in their 20’s to grow in a relationship, it is a waste of time,” he said.

“You don’t know yourself and the person you are with also doesn’t know themselves, what do you think you’re doing? You’re trying to figure things out together, but at the end of the day, that is, I think it’s better to be alone if you’re in your 20s.”

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