I’m not dying anytime soon, declares Owago after Cheating Death in America

August 5, 2022

Comedian Owago Onyiro is a grateful man after having a near-death experience while on a trip to the United States.

The former Churchill Show comedian gave his fans a scare when he took to social media on Wednesday to share his ordeal.

Owago said he endured a difficult four days after he fell unconscious for up to four hours. He also shared photos of himself lying in a hospital bed at the Medical City Mckinney, a health facility in Texas.

While thanking God for saving his life, a defiant Owago declared that he won’t be dying anytime soon.

“It has been hectic for me the past 4 days. Fainted and passed out for almost 4 hours. Saw real death and came back……… Trust me I am not dying anytime soon again in Jesus name……….Thank you, Lord for making me live again,” the funnyman wrote.

In another post, Owago shared photos of the moment after he had fainted with paramedics attending to him on a couch.

“Here I was gone forever………Didn’t know anything for 4 hours. Thank you Lord for saving my life 🙏” he wrote alongside the photo.

And in yet another post, Owago shared a photo undergoing what looks like a brain scan. He wrote: “I cheated death on this fateful day…..Thank you Lord once again for saving my life 🙏.”

Owago, who was later discharged, said he had a slight problem with his respiratory system as he awaits further test results.

“They have done several tests so we will find out the root cause of the matter in four days,” he said.

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