Obinna Airs Baby Mama’s Dirty Linen, “She Swallowed Beads and Was Suicidal”

August 26, 2022

The newest family drama in town is proudly sponsored by radio presenter Oga Obinna(born Steve Maghana) and his baby mama Lilian alias Mama Adalola.

It started when Mama Adalola took to social media to accuse the Kiss FM radio presenter of among other things, harassing her and badmouthing her to their kids.

Allegedly, Obinna has also been using online trolls to bully her as well as painting her as a bad mother.

“No matter what happened between us stop subjecting me to online bullies. My kids will never hate me no matter how hard you try. We are not the first ones to go separate ways. When you leave people you leave them with their behaviour,” she said.

“When kids grow up, they will definitely know which parent was the problem so stop poisoning the kids. I am not here to defend myself not tarnish my baby father’s name. I want what is happening to stop. He knows what he is doing and I want it to stop.”

Then in a YouTube interview, Mama Adalola made some more damning allegations against Obinna. She claimed the comedian abandoned her for three months after she told him she was expecting their first child.

Mama Adalola also alleged that Obinna walked out of their marriage and moved in with a sugar mummy, who bought him a Toyota Harrier.

So mambo ikikuja kubadilika hio November nka realize Obinna ashapata sponsor. Ameshapata sponsor na ameanza kuchukua watoto wangu anawapeleka huko chini ya maji na anawaambia wakuje kunidanganya. Ada na Briana waliniambia,” Mama Adalola claimed.

She added that Obinna moved out of their matrimonial home in March 2022 and moved in with his sugar mummy.

In a rejoinder, Obinna aired his baby mama’s dirty linen revealing that in one of their domestic disputes, Mama Adalola broke all the plates in the house, windows and everything in sight.

Apparently, this was after Obinna had been photographed carrying singer Size 8.

Obinna also claimed Mama Adalola was suicidal, which influenced his decision to leave her.

“She took some of my bracelets that had beads (shambalas) and began swallowing the beads one by one. She even took Amoxil medicine ati to commit suicide. That was the time it hit me, yoh, you need to get out of this and that was when I decided I was going to leave,” said Obinna.

The funnyman said he never loved Mama Adalola and even told her when they were still living together.

“I once told her, if you meet someone and you fall in love, let me know and I’ll let you go because I don’t love you, I’ve never loved you and I don’t think I will. We are together here because of the children. For nine years I never told her I loved her even once. You can ask her,” said Obinna.

The comedian said he plans to repossess everything he purchased for his baby mama.

“I’m starting by collecting back everything I have bought. EVERYTHING. Watu wabaki vile walipatwa. You have privileges that you are shitting on. Let the current man take the mantle. The only thing I’ll provide is anything that directly affects my kids,” Obinna said.

Adding: “She won’t have any money to pay me. She will suffer. She will probably be thrown in (jail) and my kids will miss their mother…mambo ni mengi masaa ni machache. I wake up at 4 am daily to work.”

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