Meet Make-up artist Joan Nzula: “I Never Split Bills With My Man”

August 29, 2022

Joan Nzula, 23, is a make-up artist who studied Pure Chemistry. Here’s what she’s all about:


Everyone calls me Nzula. I was born and raised in Nairobi.

Style is something that you either have or you don’t. I believe I was born with style because I easily make things look good in my own personal way.

My style is different because it reflects my personality. Everything I do from my walk, to how I talk and so much more has my own personal touch which makes people identify me uniquely.

A lot of creativity is needed to be a make-up artist. Make-up is an art hence new inventions are made every day and there are no rules. You could come up with something new as a make-up artist and people will embrace it.

It takes consistent practice to be a good make-up artist. You also need a lot of interest in learning more about the skill to be a good make-up artist.

Men are getting into this space; does it scare me? No, it does not. Make-up is an art like any other and any gender can take it up. It is actually good when both men and women work in the beauty industry as it brings diversification.

I have a degree in pure chemistry and I am now pursuing cosmetology.

I have been a make-up artist for two years. In this business, you get to learn a lot especially when you are starting out. It is a very profitable business if you master the skill and market your work.

I travel to Coastal cities, not just the Kenyan Coast. I am a Pisces which is a water sign. There is a peace and calmness I get from being in Coastal cities. I love the weather in Coastal places as well. I travel for pleasure.

No, I am not a bikini model; I know many of my photos are bikinis. It’s just that I had a partnership with a swimsuit brand hence the many pictures and I also my travels. I am constantly at the beach.

There has always been an argument that makeup is the best definition of ‘looks are deceiving’. But here is the thing, Make-up enhances one’s beauty to different degrees. It also enhances people’s moods.

Different women put on make-up for different reasons. Some women embrace their femininity by adding makeup as part of their daily routine, that does not necessarily mean they are not naturally beautiful.

I have never faked anything for the gram. I am authentic in everything I do.

Apps I do not use are Facebook and Twitter. I rarely use Tiktok as well.

I cannot recall taking a man out. I mostly take girls out.

I never split bills with my man. The men who I tend to meet don’t allow me to split bills, in fact, they take it as an offense to them.

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