‘Kuna Mafisi Hapa!’ Watch Wajackoyah Call Out Reporters Clamouring for his Wife

August 10, 2022

Even on Election Day, Roots Party presidential aspirant Prof. George Wajackoyah was as mercurial as he has been during the campaign period.

Wajackoyah on Tuesday, August 9, made his second public appearance with his American wife Meller Luchiri as he cast his vote at Indangalasia Primary School polling station in Matungu constituency, Kakamega County.

Prof Wajackoyah turned up early but suffered a setback after the elections technology kits failed to work, an issue that was experienced in various polling stations across the country.

As he waited for IEBC to rectify the issue, Wajackoyah spoke to the media lamenting the delay and alleging foul play.

Prof Wajackoyah also asked his wife to speak to the media, saying: “My wife here was telling me… please, let Kenyans hear your voice for the first time.”

Meller Luchiri expressed her disappointment over the KIEMS kit delay but urged Kenyans to remain calm.

“I wasn’t really expecting this(to address the media). But it’s really disappointing for the machines not to be working on the day that is most important for the lives of all Kenyans concerned. However, no weapon formed against us the people of God, the people of Kenya shall prosper. That is the ground we stand on. So, you all remain vigilant, remain cool, remain calm and we’ll see this thing to the end, thank you,” Meller said.

In a light-hearted moment after her remarks, reporters clamoured for Meller but Wajackoyah kept them at arm’s length.

“Don’t go further than that, please,” said Wajackoyah.

The presidential aspirant also joked that there were individuals eyeing his wife; ” Kuna Mafisi hapa,” he said.

Wajackoyah finally managed to cast his vote later in the afternoon after IEBC approved the use of a manual register.

Here is a video of Wajackoyah’s wife speaking to the media.

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