Khaligraph Jones – Fatherhood has Changed Me as a Man

August 5, 2022

Kenya’s rap star Khaligraph Jones has opened up about his experience as a father saying it has transformed him as a man.

In an interview with YouTuber Presenter Ali, Khaligraph said being a first-time father was exciting for him, but he soon realized the need to protect his children from social media trolls.

Khaligraph Jones has a son and two daughters with his wife Georgina Amali, who delivered their lastborn daughter recently, much to the surprise of the rapper’s fans.

Khaligraph also has a son with his former flame and femcee Cashy Karimi, who has been calling him out as a deadbeat.

Unlike their other children, Khaligraph and Amali kept their third pregnancy tightly sealed from the public, and the rapper says this is one of the ways that fatherhood has changed him.

“Fatherhood has opened my eyes, it has changed me as a man, and there are many things, and even when I first became a parent and when you compare me now, we are two different people, it’s so different,” he said.

“There is one place I would not want to subject my children to, especially for their own good. Being a first-time parent is exciting, but you quickly realize you need to protect your children, especially from the biggest trolls who happen to be on social media. I feel like that is my responsibility, so when you compare how I handle being a parent to how I started, it’s completely different.”

Khaligraph further hailed his wife Amali saying he is happily married and life is good.

“I’m a happily married man, but fatherhood has its own obstacles, and God is assisting me in those challenges. I’m very happy, I love my wife, and we are living a good life. God is assisting us, and what little we have is sufficient for us,” he said.

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