Reformed Sex Worker Confesses: Witchdoctor Gave Me Talking Cats to Boost My Business

August 8, 2022

Josphine Mueni is a former sex worker who joined the industry as a teenager. She spoke to EveWoman magazine about her experience, including seeking dark magic to boost her business.

Why sex work?

I wanted fast money and richness that’s how I found myself doing this kind of work. But even before I joined officially, I think I was proactive in sex; I started engaging in sex while in primary. I had multiple partners in primary and when I joined secondary I became an expert.

Please elaborate.

When I joined Form One I started exploring different areas of sex – from acting porn to oral and lesbianism. By Form Two, I quit school and officially became a sex worker moving from one club to the other and one town to the next.

How was it at the beginning?

By the time I decided to quit school, I already had a huge clientele base; any time I would step into a club customers used to flock. I never got to the stage of begging for clients or introducing myself.

What is the biggest challenge of working in the sex industry?

The main challenge is competition, followed by safety. Personally I consulted witchdoctors to remain relevant in the market. When it comes to using protection it’s quite tricky because some clients used to refuse to use protection. They would rather offer higher pay than use condoms.

Speaking of safety, how do you ensure that you keep yourself safe while working?

Whenever I got a client who refused to use protection, I used to take ARV drugs immediately after the act.

What were you given by witches and were they effective?

Once you make a covenant with Satan you must give something in return. While working as a sex worker, I saw hell with my own eyes. One time while working at the Coast, I was introduced to a powerful witch doctor.

He gave me two talking cats, a black one and another white one. The two would get me any clients that I demanded, they would also get me money be it in the bank. I used to live a very flashy life. But in return, they would demand sacrifices.

What kind of sacrifices and what would you give in return?

For the witch doctor, he used to demand no less than Sh30,000 per visit which I did frequently, and for the cats, for them to stay and work they used to demand human and animal blood.

Aaaah! So you killed?

Such a tough question, that’s a story for another day.

How long did you stay with those cats?

I stayed with them for quite some time before I got saved and returned them to the witch.

Did any of your friends or family know about your work?

About being a sex worker, some of my family and friends knew but for the cats, no one knew.

What would you like people to know about sex work? Do you have any regrets about being a sex worker?

The regrets are too many! First of all, sex work is a sin before God, it also makes you a lesser person in the community, people tend to avoid you and your family.

Worse off, the dark side of it is that you are likely to be introduced to the spirit world seeking dark power. I witnessed many women being half buried for some days, in the name of trying to be powerful.  These activities leave you traumatised; you can’t live a peaceful life.

When and why did you decide to leave prostitution?

After I realised that despite all the evil things that I did and went through, I was still a poor person. I was introduced to the church by a friend and got saved.

I let go of all the dark creatures that I was holding in my house. Thought it wasn’t easy to get rid of them, especially the cats but with prayer and persistence they disappeared and here I am over 10 years clean and strongly serving God.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start out as a sex worker?

Eat your own sweat, work hard and God will bless the work of your hands.

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