Games and Entertainment Centers in Nairobi

August 8, 2022

Nairobi is Kenya’s largest city and the country’s capital. It is a bustling metropolis that is always busy with several activities. The city is also packed with many attraction centers that make it a fascinating destination to consider visiting.

The city’s national park and museum are two primary tourist attractions, alongside various other intriguing spots and pleasant places like cafes, restaurants, and bars. 

There are also multiple options when it comes to games and entertainment centers where you can unwind and have a good time. These places are equipped for any fun activities you prefer, whether outdoor activities like horseback riding, cycling, or zip lining.

Or indoor games such as bowling, pool, virtual and simulated reality, srl cricket online games, board games, and video games of various sorts.

They contain several interactive and entertaining fun activities for all ages and skills. And they make great spots for parties, birthdays, team-building events, date nights, or any other occasion.

Here is a list of the top games and entertainment centers in Nairobi where you can spend time with friends over a game or two.

Climb Bluesky

If climbing is one of your bucket list activities, Climb Bluesky is the best place to do so. The gym was founded in 2012, and despite being only ten years old, it is regarded as one of the best indoor climbing gyms in Kenya. The facility majorly offers wall climbing activities for both adults and kids.

However, with other kid-friendly attractions such as the kid’s play area, toys, and kids swimming pool, the place is especially appealing to children, making it an ideal family relaxation spot.

They provide the most enjoyable climbing experience possible. And even if you are new to climbing, there are always instructors on hand to assist you.

It is the ideal location to conquer your fear of heights.

Funscapes Hub 

Funscapes Hub has a variety of indoor and outdoor attractions such as video games, bumper cars, mini roller coasters, and rides that will guarantee you a fun-filled visit.

They also have a convenient library, a soft play room, a water play area, a jungle gym, a miniature golf course, bumper cars, and a multipurpose hall for any conceivable activity.

The facility is located at the Thika Road mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Even though many might consider the place a bit pricey, it is worth the cost.

Funscapes Hub features a kids’ play area, baby, green lawns, toys, and a kids swimming pool, making the place an exciting location for children.

The Forest 

The magnificent Nairobi’s Kereita Forest is an adventure center that will give you an unforgettable experience. It offers a wide range of fantastic outdoor adrenaline-filled activities such as horseback riding, archery, Paintball, footgolf, mountain-biking, and cycling.

You can also participate in tree planting and nature walking if you are a lover of nature. The biggest attraction of this center is the 2.2km breathtaking zip-lining that runs through the forest valley.

It has six zip lines which take two hours to ride. Professional guides and instructors are also available to guide you through the process, and visitors are provided with accommodations where they can change and relax.

The Forest is an ideal location to enjoy a natural adventure-filled experience. 

Mombasa Go-Kart

The Mombasa motorsport arena remains one of Nairobi’s best Go-kart driving arenas. The Mombasa Go-Kart is ideal for a realistic and enjoyable driving experience if you enjoy motor racing, driving, or cars.

Their professional instructors and speed governors are there to assist you if you are not familiar with driving.

The racetrack is easily accessible from the main road, and their races are exceptionally well organized and computerized. Visitors can also order freshly prepared food and drinks while watching the action on the track from their bar’s viewing porch.

Other activities available besides Go-karts include mechanical bull riding, archery, paintball, bulldozing, and off-road buggies, to name a few.

There is also an accessible video game facility for children to enjoy.

Playland Amusement Park

The Playland Amusement Park provides a variety of enjoyable activities for individuals of all age groups.

Founded in 2019, it offers an unparalleled entertainment and gaming experience with various fun activities and spots such as virtual reality rides, an indoor ropes obstacle course, a bowling alley, a fun trampoline park, pool tables, and vibrant soft-play areas.

It is undoubtedly an ideal location for a family vacation.

GP Karting 

GP Karting is one of Kenya’s best go-kart racing venues, especially for children.

The facility is outfitted with top-tier motor racing facilities and equipment to ensure a near-real racing experience. One example is their computerized timing system, which allows you to track your lap times and progress as you learn the race track.

To add a competitive element to the fun activities, they host an inter-school racing championship and other racing series for kids and adults.

They also have a restaurant and a paintball arena, which adds to the excitement.


Nairobi is Kenya’s most populous city and a leading industrial area in the country. Aside from its urban core, the city has many games and entertainment spots where you can unwind and have a good time alone or with friends and family.

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