“Do You Even Listen to my English Songs?” Otile Brown Asks Fans

August 30, 2022

Kenya’s R&B crooner Otile Brown has addressed the fans who criticize his English songs.

A section of fans has been pointing out that Otile Brown’s Swahili songs are better and he should stick to his native language.

But taking to InstaStories, Otile said those hating on his English songs do not pay attention to the message inthe songs.

“Do you even listen to my English songs or since you love my Swahili songs you get bored even before giving them a chance?” he posed.

Adding: “The pen game, arrangement and melodies, if given a chance, I would take over the continent and even the world, that’s not a secret.”

In another post, the ‘Just in Love’ singer said he would continue writing Swahili songs but would also try to cross international boundaries.

Otile Brown urged fans to be open-minded as he prepares to release two collaborations.

“Try giving East African artistes a chance to try different sounds and vibes. We are not copying but creating different sounds. Look at many artistes repeating the same flow and arrangement.

“I will continue giving you Swahili songs but will not fear trying international songs, and I have got two collaborations to keep you busy as I take a break.”

Brown is currently on a tour of the United States.

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