Why All Polls are Lies: Mutahi Ngunyi Reacts After IRS Poll Put Ruto Ahead of Raila

July 22, 2022

All opinion polls are lies, this is according to renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi.

He was reacting to a new poll by the Intel Research Solutions (IRS) that put Deputy President William Ruto ahead of Raila Odinga.

According to the poll and with just a little over two weeks to go to the Kenyan General Election, DP Ruto enjoys a 50.5 % approval rating compared to Raila Odinga’s 44.2%.

This means that if the election was held today, Ruto would beat Raila in the first round of the Uhuru succession race.

Ruto is likely to manage a first-round win against his competitor going by the data. Almost half of the respondents country wide would prefer William Ruto as their president today,” said IRS CEO Karen Mwangi on Thursday.

IRS said they surveyed a total of 24,599 respondents across the country using a database electronic SMS broadcasting technique.

Like all the previous polls before this one, the IRS poll results elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans online. Among them was Mutahi Ngunyi, who took to Twitter to debunk all opinion polls.

“All POLLS are LIES. And it is because their SCIENCE is WRONG. Even Tom Wolfe of TIFA and Infotrash are WRONG. I said that in 2013 when I released the TYRANNY of NUMBERS,” the political scientist.

Mutahi Ngunyi further stated that his new “tyranny of numbers” places Raila Odinga ahead of Ruto.

“From my numbers, studied over 30 years in 5 elections, Babaman is AHEAD. End of DISCUSSION.” Ngunyi concluded.

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