What Amber Ray Said About Jamal Apology to Amira

July 20, 2022

Jamal Marlow alias Jimal Rohosafi apologised to his estranged first wife Amira recently, and his second wife, Amber Ray, was among those who reacted to the interesting development.

In his heartfelt apology, Jamal admitted putting Amira through emotional turmoil as he took Amber Ray for a second wife.

The Matatu Operators Association chairman asked Amira to forgive him noting she has been with him through all walks of life.

“I knew it was wrong, I knew you were hurting, but I just couldn’t get myself together! Amira, I am doing this because the disrespect was also as loud. I apologize for all the disrespect, for all the embarrassment, for all the hurt, for all the pain, for all the trauma,” Jamal wrote in part.

The apology sparked reactions from among others, Jamal’s sister Leila Hassan. She pleaded with Amira to forgive her brother.

“I’m here rooting for Jey. You’re the most patient and strongest person I Know. Just give him a second chance but with conditions. If you catch my drift. Love you both,” Leila wrote.

Amber Ray, who is widely seen as the couple’s homewrecker, also had something to say.

A fan wrote to Amber informing her: “Ex wako amerudia bibi. That’s what’s up.”

To which Amber Ray responded: “Masaa ni machache wacha watu wapendane.”


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