WATCH: Uhuru Exchanges Sweet Nothings With Woman, “I Love You Too”

July 28, 2022

President Uhuru Kenyatta shared a lighthearted moment with one of his supporters in Nakuru on Wednesday, when he commissioned the refurbished Nakuru Railway Station.

While addressing residents about the benefits of the development projects he had launched in the county, a woman in the crowd momentarily interrupted his speech and shouted, “Uhuru, we love you.”

Without hesitation, Uhuru looked in the direction of the supporter and said ‘I love you too’.

The crowd erupted into cheers as Uhuru laughed and blushed before thanking the supporter for professing her love.

The exchange of sweet nothings was not the only light incident witnessed at the Nakuru Railway Station. After completing his speech, a woman in the crowd tried to catch Uhuru’s attention, with the president asking his security detail not to manhandle her.

“Ngoja kidogo. Nitakuona, tulia. Wachaneni na yeye. Keti chini mummy, nitakuona,” Uhuru said.

And in yet another amusing moment in Naivasha on Tuesday, Uhuru had to pause his speech after he was interrupted by a landing chopper.

“Sasa hawa wanakuja wakati nasoma hii kitu jameni,” Uhuru said before continuing his address.

A few moments later the chopper became louder forcing Uhuru to wait.

“Wacha tungojee tu…” he said, before engaging the crowd: “Mambo? Muko aje wenzangu?”

Seconds later Uhuru hilariously lamented that the chopper pilot had waited until he started his speech to disrupt his work.

“Tumezunguka kule pahali tumezunguka walikua wamekaa pale wanangojea nianze kusoma..’eh sasa twende tumharibie kazi yake’,” Uhuru said as the crowd burst into laughter.

With his tenure coming to end, Uhuru Kenyatta will certainly be remembered and missed for his amusing and unscripted remarks at various keynote speeches.

Here’s a video of the chopper incident.

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