Meru James Bond 2 Committed to Mathari Hospital

July 6, 2022

A man who hung on a helicopter carrying Agriculture Cabinet Secretary (CS) Peter Munya in Meru has been committed to a mental health facility.

Joakim Mutwiri,  41, was set to be charged with attempted suicide last week but his mother pleaded with the court saying that he was mentally unstable.

A Maua court ordered a mental health assessment for the accused which was then conducted by a doctor at Nyambene Sub-County Hospital.

The doctor found Mutwiri was mentally ill and recommended he undergoes rehabilitation before being charged.

Maua Resident Magistrate Chesoni Khanali directed the Maua Police Station commander to take Mutwiri to Mathari Hospital.

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But Mutwiri’s mother, Mercy Nyoroka, pleaded with the court again saying she would take care of him.

Why is he being taken to Nairobi? I don’t want my son to go that far, I will take care of him,” Mercy said.

Mutwiri added: “I don’t want to be taken to Mathari. Does it mean by just hanging on the helicopter I became mad?”

The magistrate would hear none of it, saying Mutwiri needs in-patient treatment before he is released to go home.

According to this report, the court cannot allow you to go home since you have to first be treated as an in-patient, after which the doctor will review your condition. It is the doctor’s recommendation on your progress that will allow us to consider releasing you so that you can continue with your treatment at home,” Khanali explained.

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