Why Selina Actress Helen Keli Will Never Date a Married Man

June 13, 2022

Actor Helen Keli has revealed why she swore to never date married men.

Keli, who is renowned for playing the role of Patricia in Swahili telenovela Selina, was in a long-term relationship that ended when she realised her man was dating another woman.

Speaking in an interview with Buzz Central, Keli said she resolved never to do the same thing to another woman.

“One thing I tell people is that I do not date married men and I will never date a married man. I will not do it. That happened to me. I was in a long-term relationship and somebody walked in and pretty much that died. I know how it feels. So I’m not gonna look at your man and think there’s room for me there. No,” she said.

The actor observed that it is strange that women do that to each other.

“It’s funny that women do that to each other because I mean, how do you throw a stone and you are in you in a glass house? Because you’re gonna get the Range Rover and you’re gonna get the man and you’re gonna get this and that but there is always going to be someone who can do it better than you. There is always gonna be somebody who’s younger than you, who’s prettier than you, who’s got more of everything than you. So don’t play that game. You’re shooting yourself in the foot,” she warned.

Hellen Keli also advised women to uphold their moral values.

For us, there’s a thing called age. If you are loose with your morals and you enjoy your life, you’re like yeah, this is me having a fantastic time doing great things. Let me tell you, life normally gives you a slap. Just be true to yourself. Be true to the things that you believe in. Be true to the things that are good. One fight I have with a lot of people, I’ll always tell you the truth and many times it is something that people don’t want to hear,” she noted.

Keli also explained why she will never post her relationship online.

“I am very whole and complete. I don’t need a better half. I like my private life because there are certain things in life that are yours, and you just want to enjoy them in private.”

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