What Magoha Said About Aspirants Lacking Degrees

June 17, 2022

Education CS George Magoha has commented on the debatable Degree requirement saga facing some Governor aspirants.

According to CS Magoha, it is shameful for some aspirants to claim that they are graduates when they are not.

“From a professional view, I, Magoha, son of Magoha, will not fight to say I am not what I am not. It is very shameful that people who want to be our leaders, and they are many of them, are fighting to prove that,” Magoha said.

Magoha noted it should not be difficult to prove if someone graduated from University.

“I want to urge our politicians and more so the parliamentarians to stop destroying our universities. Our universities need to be regimented and especially in the UoN…If you want transcripts of somebody who studied at UoN in 1975, you’ll just touch a button and you’ll get transcripts,” said the CS on Thursday when he commissioned a CBC classroom at Pangani Girls High School.

Magoha also claimed he remembers his former classmates and knows where they are, and therefore, it should not be difficult for aspirants to prove their academic credentials.

“If you were to ask me where are my classmates of 46-47 years ago, I will give you. They are all over the world and most of them are retired,” said the alumnus of Starehe Boys and University of Lagos.

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