Kenyan Awarded Sh25 Million For Outstanding Social Work

June 14, 2022

The International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) has awarded a Kenyan social worker Sh25 million for his outstanding service to the sector locally and globally.

Mr Charles Mbugua won the global award after being nominated by IFSW Africa Region Executive David Jones and Secretary-General Rory Truell.

“The International Federation of Social Workers is pleased to announce the award of the highest honour of the Federation —the Andrew Mouravieff-Apostol Medal — to Charles Mbugua and the Council of International Fellowship,’’ Dr Truell said.

“Mbugua was nominated for the award by Dr Jones and Dr Rory Truell. The award recognises [Mr Mbugua’s] outstanding contribution to professional social work nationally, regionally and globally in different cadres and now serving as the IFSW UN Representative for Africa Region,’’ Truell added.

IFSW noted Mbugua played key roles in several regional conferences in Kenya and Africa.

“He has been the IFSW and social work representative to the United Nations Habitat (based in Nairobi) for many years and has taken part in the development of the global strategy on sustainable urbanisation,’’ IFSW said.

The award-winning social worker said the award is a big motivation to other social workers both locally and globally in their quest to address humanitarian issues, especially among vulnerable communities.

“The sentimental value of the award is elating and is a big honour to Africa and welfare champions in the region,” said Mbugua.

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