This CCTV installation guide in Kenya 2022 describes the average cost of surveillance cameras, their installation, and what you need to know before purchasing one.

How Much Does it Cost to Install CCTV in Kenya?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television or video surveillance cameras. CCTV technology was first developed in 1942 by German scientists to monitor the launch of V2 rockets. It was later used by American scientists during the atomic bomb testing. Still, today, many people use it to keep a watchful eye on their property at home or on business premises.

Before you buy a CCTV, there are two choices to make that determine its overall price and the cost of installation because the more a CCTV is advanced, the more complex the installation process. You can choose between wireless Internet Protocol (IP) cameras or wired CCTV, considered analog.

The price of CCTV is also dependent on the type of storage; cloud (NVR) or on-site (DVR) storage, motion-detecting abilities, image resolution, professional monitoring, and night vision capabilities.

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Cost to install CCTV cameras in Kenya

CCTV installation costs between Ksh5,000 to Ksh25,000 or even more depending on the number and type of cameras to be fitted. It entails fixing cameras at designated places, connecting RJ45 cables for digital CCTVs or coaxial cables for analog CCTVs, fitting recorders or configuring internet on the IP cameras, and linking them to a monitor for eye surveillance. 4 camera CCTV installations cost above Ksh20,000.

For more specific cost estimates, you can check out vivint pricing here.

Factors that affect the cost of CCTV installation in Kenya

* The size of your home – the larger your compound, the more the CCTV cameras you will need, and this would mean spending more
* Security needs – expensive cameras with high resolution and a 360-degree scope will be needed for high surveillance around your fence and monitoring your children in the compound
* Type of cameras (external or internal) – internal cameras don’t need to be weatherproof but external cameras must be waterproof to sustain the adverse weather varieties outside
* Wired/wireless – wired cameras are more expensive to install than wireless thus, professional help is needed for accuracy

The ultimate guide to choosing a professional CCTV installer in Kenya

With no licensing board to license CCTV installers in Kenya and with the task too ‘manual’ for you, an individual, to ask for qualifications (papers), it is hard to distinguish between a real CCTV installer and a quack. Of course, many corporates will not fall victim to fraudsters because they use tenders to eliminate those incapable of the job, but individuals like you are easy targets to scammers. Luckily, NairobiWire got you! Here is how to know or choose a professional CCTV installer in Kenya.

* Professional CCTV installers usually conduct site surveys to come up with installation budget estimates and assess whether the camera options chosen by customers meet their needs
* They have flexibility in booking a date for installation to ensure you are at home during the installation process
* If they offer CCTV cameras plus installation services, make sure they have a warranty
* Real CCTV installers have offices where you can visit them for complaints anytime
* Ensure the CCTV installer offers after-sales and call support for all technical queries
* Read reviews on their website and find out how they served customers in the past

Companies that offer professional CCTV installation in Kenya

These are companies that offer professional and affordable CCTV installation services in Kenya:

Mighty Solutions

Website – 
Location – Travel House, Muindi Mbingu Street, Annexe, Ground Floor Shop No. 1
Phone numbers – 0719773257, 0780773257
Email – [email protected]


Website – 
Location – Old Mutual Building 2nd Floor Room 221, Kimathi Street, Nairobi
Phone number – +254733366916

Data World Kenya

Website – 
Location – Kimathi Street, Nairobi
Phone number – +254701003086
Email – [email protected]

Seetec Solutions

Website – 
Location – White Angle House, 1st floor, 76
Phone numbers – 0739548578

The Majorities Electrical Contractors Ltd

Website – 
Location – Langas, Eldoret
Phone number – 0723 447296

Prices of CCTV cameras in Kenya

The table below shows the type of CCTV cameras against costs and features:

Type of CCTV camera Average price Features
EZVIZ TY1 Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt 1080p Camera Ksh7,400 360-degree field-of-view, two storage options; Encrypted Cloud Storage & MicroSD Card Support
Dahua HAC-HDW2221R-VF 2.4mp Surveillance Dome Camera Ksh12,700 HD and SD dual-output,  2.7-12mm motorized lens, max. IR length 60m, Smart IR



Hikvision DS-2DE7232IW-AE 1080P IR PTZ camera Ksh67,000 Up to 150m IR range ensures safety at night, water and dust resistance (IP66), 2MP resolution
Hikvision 1 MP Fixed Turret Camera Ksh2,800 Water and dust resistant (IP66), Hikvision DS-2CE56COT-IR features Smart IR that covers up to 20 m IR distance
Hikvision DS-2AE5123TI-D HD Outdoor Turbo PTZ camera Ksh36,000 It is water and dust resistant (IP66) hence can be used for both outdoor and indoor functions, robust structure design with full metal materials

Hikvision 2 MP 25X IR Analog Speed Dome DS-2AE5225TI-A

Ksh40,000 DS-2AE5225TI-A 2mp 25x Turbo PTZ covers up to 150m IR range that ensures safety at night, it is water and dust resistant (IP66), 25X optical zoom
Hikvision Dashcam B1 1080p Full HD recording with Built-in G-sensor Ksh11,000 Boasts with features like phone App live view, record playback and parameter configuration, Dashcam B1 has a built-in G-Sensor module, support video recording linkage at car crash or any car incident.
Hikvision DS-2CE56DOT-VFIR3 Full HD Varifocal Bullet Camera Ksh6,000 Equipped with up to 40 m IR distance for bright night imaging, it is rated IP66 which implies that it is water and dust resistant, transmits both HD video and power over the same coaxial cable
Hikvision DS-2CE56D0T-IT3 Full HD turrent Camera Ksh6,000 EXIR 2.0: advanced infrared technology with 40 m IR distance for night safety, it is water and dust resistant (IP66) 
Hikvision DS-2CE16DOT-IR 2MP Full HD bullet Camera Ksh3,000 It has a strong night performance, capturing images in ultra-low light down to 0.005 lux
Hikvision DS-2CD2T27G3E-L 2MP ColorVu Fixed Bullet Network Camera Ksh20,000 Hikvision DS-2CD2T27G3E-L features a built-in micro SD/SDHC/SDXC slot, up to 128G for storage, features a 24-hour colorful video
Dahua DH-SD59430U-HNI 4MP IP PTZ Network Camera Ksh70,000 4 MP resolution that ensures clear images are captured at all times, delivers up to 150m IR range that ensures safety at night so you are secure 24/7.
EZVIZ C3N Outdoor Smart Wi-Fi Camera 2MP 1080p Ksh9,000 The inbuilt AI system in EZVIZ C3N outdoor smart wi-fi camera recognizes the motion of human forms intelligently in real-time
EZVIZ C3W Pro Wi-Fi Smart Home 4MP Camera Ksh13,000 When the camera detects intruders, it will sound a loud alarm and flash two spotlights to scare them away, record messages for intruders
Ring video doorbell elite Ksh75,000 1080HD video and 2-way talk, as well as built-in microphone and speakers, let you listen and talk with 2-way audio.
Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360° Ksh6,000 It features a full 360° horizontal view and 96° vertical view. Its shockproof design and quiet motor allow the rotation to remain smooth and silent.
EZVIZ C3TN FHD Wi-Fi Smart Home 1080p Camera Ksh8,000 The Camera Ezviz C3TN includes a noise-canceling microphone that can pick up clear sounds from the surrounding.
Dahua HAC-HDw1200RMP 2MP Dome Camera Ksh4,000 HDCVI IR Eyeball Camera, Max 30fps@1080P, HD and SD output switchable

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