Fun Facts to Know About ‘KOVU’ Actress Queen Koki Kathuu

June 6, 2022

Queen Koki Kathuu is an actress and Commercial model based in Mombasa. She is best known for her acting role as Nafisa on ‘Kovu’ that airs on Maisha Magic.

She shares some fun facts about herself;

I have been acting for about three years as an extra with dialogues in most cases before I joined the Kovu Series that airs on Maisha Magic. I have also acted on Pete and other local Swahili movies.

Landing the Kovu cast was all random. I remember receiving an unknown call way past midnight and was debating whether to pick or not. For some reason I picked and they asked if I could shoot as an extra. I did not hesitate then the rest followed.

In the series, I portray Nafisa, a beautiful, smart, fearless and intelligent lady raised by her gangster mother alongside her sister. She is dating an old tycoon she fell in love with while on a gangster mission.

When not acting, you will catch me running my poultry farm in Malindi.  I am also the director of Pwani Properties Ltd in Mombasa, which deals with buying and selling of properties.

I am Generation Z but I guess I am more mature than the responsibilities that caught up with me at a very early age. I started working right after high school.

I don’t define myself as a commercial model just for the sake of it like most girls do on Instagram. For me, this is part of my hustle. I have done a couple of photo shoots for different advertisements to help sell their brands.

Commercial modeling is a little bit mixed up in Kenya honestly.  You can’t easily differentiate commercial models and socialites from some of the girls who claim to be the former.

My love life is inexplicable. It is my own yet I don’t understand it.

I find everything about love and relationships to be crazy perhaps in a good way or maybe not. I mean how do you just sit and think about someone and smile huh!

I don’t have a specific age or time as to when I feel it’s right to get hitched. It’s the will of Allah. If it comes soon. Alhamdulillah. If it takes time, then I’ll be patient

I have never introduced a guy to my parents, for some reason they just get to know about him slowly

The first time my parents learnt that I was seeing someone, they were mad at me.  I don’t know if they still thought I was still a baby, well yeah I am still their little one.

I once surprised this guy by taking him out on a date and paid for all the bills. He was surprised but he managed to stay calm. After the date, I found a note ‘You smart’ with bundles of cash in my purse.

The craziest pickup line I ever fell for from a guy who was hitting on me was, ‘You said your dad is a chef? Ju umeiva mbaya’.  Those words melted my heart. He also smelt so good I couldn’t resist.

Well right now I smell Coco Channel, someone should come hug me already.

With all the edits and filters Apps available right now, if someone is to meet me now, I do look like my Instagram photos on a scale of 7/10. The rest should not be an issue. I can explain. Haha!

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