Caroline Mutoko Tells Off Fenty Beauty Launch Trolls

June 7, 2022

Former radio presenter Caroline Mutoko has bashed internet users who took issue with the recent launch of  Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty and Skin products in Nairobi.

The event attracted widespread disapproval from a section of Kenyans on social media over the list of invitees as well as their fashion sense.

But Caroline Mutoko reckons the disapproval is envy masquerading as constructive criticism.

“People who spent their time being envious level everyone down. They never raise their own bar so they can get to the place of the person or thing they envy. All they do is level down. You have seen this over the last three weeks. This is envy at its ugliest,” she said.

The former Kiss 100 FM presenter rubbished claims of constructive criticism, terming the online attacks cattiness.

“Oh, please spare me constructive criticism because that was not what it was. That was pure cattiness. And the cattiness was aroused by the fact that you couldn’t believe who got invited and as usual, you are seated there thinking why was I not invited,” Mutoko blasted.

Caroline also defended the fashion choices of the personalities who attended the Fenty Beauty launch.

“I have looked at IG and some of those clothing stores in those malls, I have never been to one of them but the work they put in to do an honest business is commendable,” she said.

Mutoko further announced she would be promoting the clothing stores across her social media for one month.

“If you own a store in any of those malls, I would like to declare for the next one month that Wednesdays is Sasa mall Wednesday on my IG. On my Instastories, I am going to create a marketplace. Just get in touch with me,” she said.

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