Akothee – Why I’m the Number One Earning Artiste in Kenya

June 23, 2022

Akothee believes she is the top-earning musician in Kenya at the moment.

Speaking in a recent interview, the celebrity singer and businesswoman said her rate card makes her arguably the top earner in the local music scene. Akothee disclosed that she charges a cool Ksh2.3 million for a show.

She defended her rate card saying event organizers and fans alike are always guaranteed value for their money.

“Right now my rate-card is $20,000 (Sh2, 352, 000). Its value for money, I bring value. I think I’m the number one earning artiste in Kenya right now,” Akothee said.

It appears the singer has adjusted her rate card in accordance with the rising inflation as only late last year she said she charges Sh1 million.

“Iwapo nikiitwa kwenye show mi hupeana rate card yangu ambayo ni Sh1 Miliion kwa sababu nauza brand… it is the value I am bringing on board,” she said in November.

On matters of the heart, Akothee confirmed she broke up with her former manager Nelly Oaks.

“I will never announce a breakup if I have not walked through it. In a breakup, everybody is hurt and a lot of people are struggling in relationships even the biggest of the biggest celebrities.

“Relationships is not something you can ignore because its matter of the heart…according to me I had walked out of the relationship in December. So right now I’m single,” Akothee said.

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