Polycarp Igathe’s Plan To Decongest Nairobi City

May 26, 2022

Nairobi governor aspirant Polycarp Igathe has outlined his plan to decongest the Capital city if elected in the August polls.

Speaking Inooro FM, Igathe observed that the key to decongesting Nairobi is focusing on human traffic.

The former Nairobi governor said if elected governor he will prioritize creating pedestrian walkways. This, he said, will not only ease traffic flow but also promote a healthy lifestyle for Nairobians.

“People who drive to town account for only 13 percent of the total traffic in the City, so we need to focus on pedestrians,” he said.

“We want people to walk from Buru Buru, or Donholm to the CBD….. this way, even these young people as they walk, that’s where they will find lovers or make friends… it is good public health,” Igathe said.

The Chief Commercial Officer of the Equity Group said some of the world’s most efficient cities have prioritized non-motorized transportation.

“If you look at cities such as London or New York, people walk throughout town, while Taxis only pick or drop passengers. In every town in the world, the most important traffic is pedestrians. My government will prioritise pedestrians.

“I recently walked with a majority of residents who work in town and I was able to see the kind of challenges they face,” Igathe told Inooro FM.

Igathe also discussed plans to ban public service vehicles from the CBD.

“Since our forefathers came to Nairobi back in the day, all bus stops have been at Tea Room, meaning that places like Nyamakima, where the majority of shops are, have turned into bus depots,” Igathe said.

“We need to think, have public participation and ask ourselves, is it necessary for country buses to get into CBD?” 

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