I Quit Accounting To Be a Deejay, It Pays Well: Meet DJ Immo

May 23, 2022

Who is DJ Immo?

I am an accountant by profession and a businessman in the entertainment industry. A radio DJ at Radio Maisha, DJ at KTN BTV, Sound Engineer, social media marketer and club entertainment consultant. I also have a keen interest in video production.

As a professional accountant, How did you settle on deejaying?

All through my high school life, I loved entertainment. I was the entertainment prefect. I train as a professional sound engineer and DJ at Music Technology Academy (MTA).

How is your experience working as an in-house DJ?

Working as an in-house DJ has impacted me both negatively and positively. It has made me create a fan base from daily interaction with fans and link up with top entertainers. It is also tiresome, It’s not easy working around the clock. I have missed opportunities simply because I was committed to a club.

Are you biased as a deejay in the kind of music you play?

Not really, DJs are professionals and they know what is needed by an audience. As a DJ, I play to rock the audience and not a particular person, the majority wins. But I must like the song first before it gets to my playlist. Trends come into play as well. What’s trending depicts what the social community is listening to.

How do you keep up to date with the latest song releases?

As a DJ, you have to be ahead of your fans. I have subscribed to a number of music distribution sites. I have also created links with artistes and promoters in East Africa and the continent at large.

How do new waves of music affect your market as a DJ?

I play different genres of music; new waves are part of the game. I have to embrace what’s new in the game. If I end up not embracing the new wave, I will be out of taste and I won’t satisfy my fans’ expectations. A deejay is a key player in making the new wave.

Is deejaying a paying job to venture in?

Deejaying pays well, but passion alone is not enough. It requires hard work, dedication and consistency to deliver. I make enough to comfortably pay my bills and make investments. It’s a profession that’s well remunerated.

There’s something about deejays and women…

Women are our number one fans and they love us. On my side, I love the woman in my life in a million ways.

Have you ever had to deal with an obsessed fan?

Handling these scenarios is like a routine now. I met a fan who requested a photo, I obliged to take a selfie at the DJ Booth when I had just started my set at 11 pm. She refused to leave, begged her to step out because I didn’t want security to be involved. She left, and sat next to the DJ booth exit till 5 am when I finished, she held my top and would not let me go. I had to leave my hoodie!

What next for you in this career?

I would love to venture into event management. I would also like to be headlining my own events.

Who do you wish to work with?

I really wish to get on set with the Major Lazer. I would also like to work with Alternate Sounds, a DJ and live band experience like no other I promise.

What do you love most about your work as a deejay?

My work is money and fun in the same sentence. There’s nothing as satisfying as earning from your passion.

Rate the Kenyan entertainment industry and what can be done to improve it.

The Kenyan entertainment industry is on handbrake mode in the sense that we take off well then lose the finishing touch. For instance, we are able to market an international artists, but fail to market our local headliners. Consequently, it can be rated at 5/10 for always getting it right.  The major improvement I can suggest we work on is music publishing and distribution.

Why did you pick deejaying over an accounting job?

Passion! Passion! Passion! Purpose is what got me started and passion is what keeps me going. Passion is not all about career and money, it’s about finding the authentic self. Never ever commit yourself to where you lack passion.

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