How To Become a Jumia Pick-up Station Agent in Kenya

May 10, 2022

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Jumia is an online marketplace that facilitates the selling of different products on its e-commerce website. It has also diversified its services to provide logistics and a payment service dubbed Jumia Pay that allows customers to pay utility bills, purchase airtime, and other service charges.

Who started Jumia? Jumia’s founders are entrepreneurs Jeremy Hodara, Sacha Poignonnec, Tunde Kehinde, and Raphael Kofi Afaedor.

They started the online business that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website in 2012, with their first store opening in Nigeria.

It has since grown immensely to operate in 14 countries – Kenya, Senegal, South Africa, UAE, China, Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda, Portugal, and Tunisia.

Aside from giving its customers an incredible shopping experience, there are also means of earning from Jumia; by becoming a Jumia pick-up station manager, Jumia rider, or Jumia affiliate marketer.

How much do Jumia agents earn in Kenya?

Jumia agents earn commissions by selling Jumia products, and they can make an average of Ksh30,000 in a month. In a good month, the commissions can accrue to a staggering Ksh100,000.

They have the advantage of getting free training with Jumia on how to handle sales and enhance their expertise. Also, you get to interact with many people when you become a Jumia agent.

How to become a Jumia pick-up station agent in Kenya?

How to become a Jumia pick-up station agent in Kenya?

Jumia pick-up station agents are responsible for running order points that the customers select as a collection point after making an online order. How can you become a Jumia pick-up station agent?

Here are the requirements:

* Must have a branding license and a Goods in Transit (GIT) insurance
* Secure a warehouse of a minimum of 1000 square feet by area
* Own a delivery van and four motorcycles for logistics
* Have the ability to manage an order point as per Jumia’s terms and conditions
* Have a minimum of five sales agents to help in marketing, branding, and sales

How do you become a Jumia pick-up station agent?

1. Check the application form here
2. Fill out the form with your email, phone number, name, and other personal details
3. Select your preferred county of operation
4. Choose ‘Jumia Force Order Point’ as your partnership with Jumia
5. In the next window, state whether you own a business space (shop)
6. Describe your current videos and upload interior photos of your shop
7. Submit

Jumia will review your application within 14 days and reach out to you with a response.

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How to become a Jumia rider

How to become a Jumia rider


Jumia is looking for motorcycle riders who will aid in delivering their products, especially Jumia Food. But what are the requirements for becoming a Jumia Rider?

* Applicants with a work experience with ride-sharing companies such as Uber, Bolt, and e-commerce companies such as Glovo are preferred
* Must be a holder of a valid driving license
* Have a Certificate of Good Conduct
* Possess a Food Handlers certificate
* Must have scored a minimum of grade D in KCSE
* Have a motorcycle insurance cover
* Must have a KRA PIN

Jumia riders earn after making each delivery and benefit from Jumia’s referral program. How do you become a Jumia rider in Kenya?

1. Check out the form from here
2. Fill out personal details like name, email, phone number, and ID number
3. State your location of operation
4. Enter the organization you’ve previously worked for
5. Upload scans of your ID, KRA certificate, Certificate of Good Conduct, KCSE certificate, insurance cover, and driver’s license
6. Upload a letter from your chief or religious figure
7. Submit

Jumia will check your application and inform you whether you passed the recruitment process within 14 days.

How to become a Jumia affiliate marketer

Jumia affiliate marketers are advertising models onboarded to hype their products so as to generate sales. They earn money through referrals, and bloggers and content creators are invited to join the program and promote Jumia products to their followers.

What is the minimum number of followers required to be a Jumia affiliate marketer? Micro-influencers must have a minimum of 5K followers on their social media pages, while mega influencers should have an internet community of over 100K. How can you join the Jumia affiliate program?

1. Visit
2. Enter your personal details – name, phone number, email, and password
3. Select country
4. Choose to become either micro-influencer, mega influencer, or a content creator
5. Enter your social handles or website
6. Submit

Jumia will contact you immediately after your application is approved.

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