Club Bouncers Accused of Killing Reveler During UEFA Champions League Final

May 30, 2022

A 30-year-old man died after Club bouncers assaulted him at the Lexo Lounge nightclub in Kilifi.

The deceased, Feisal Bushuti Mkongo alias Dedan, had gone to the club to watch the UEFA Champions League match between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

A wrangle is said to have ensued between Feisal and a cashier at the bar.

“He had gone to Lexo to watch the Champions League final. He had paid the entrance fee, and the cashier wanted to retain his change. That is when they disagreed, and they started arguing. The cashier called the bouncers, and they started beating him until he died, ” said a relative of the deceased, David Mwazele.

Mwanzele said Feisal Mkongo was pronounced dead at the Kilifi County Hospital.

“We suspect that my nephew sustained internal bodily injuries since he had no visible injuries,” he said.

Fesial Bushuti Mkongo alias Dedan

Following the incident, another relative alerted locals who took to the streets in protest. They burnt tires blocking the Kilifi-Mombasa highway at the scene.

Police had to lob teargas to disperse the irate youth.

Kilifi North Sub County police commander, Mr Jonathan Koech, confirmed the incident.

“The public informed that there was a commotion at the Lexo Lounge, and a group violent of youth were throwing stones and breaking bottles in the club. We calmed the youth and established that a young man had died after being assaulted by the bouncers at the club,” said the police boss.

Mr Koech said they arrested the manager and one of the bouncers to assist with investigations.

He also noted they had received several complaints from the public concerning the nightclub.

The family of the deceased has called on the government to ensure justice is served.

“Bushoti was the breadwinner since his mother is in Saudi Arabia,” said a relative, Anne Kuto.

Feisal Bushuti Mkongo is survived by a wife and two children aged four and two years.

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