MC Jessy Quits UDA, “I’m Still in the Race for South Imenti Seat”

April 19, 2022

Comedian Jasper Muthomi alias MC Jessy is still in the race for the South Imenti parliamentary seat.

The comedian’s bid for the seat looked to have been brought to an abrupt end last week after his party leader DP Ruto announced MC Jessy had dropped out of the race in favour of Mwiti Kathaara.

In an announcement on April 13, 2022, DP Ruto said MC Jessy would instead take up a role in his presidential campaign team.

“MC Jessy (Jasper Muthomi) will join the presidential campaign team after postponing his parliamentary bid in favour of Mwiti Kathaara for the South Imenti Seat,” Ruto announced.

But on Monday, April 18, MC Jessy clarified that he will be running for South Imenti MP as an independent candidate, signaling the end of his membership in Ruto’s United Democratic Alliance(UDA) party.

The comedian however said he is supporting Ruto to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta in the August polls.

“Feel like an arrow from a mighty man’s hand. We keep going… Bado Tuko kwa race. Let’s do this South Imenti, 9th August it is. Thank you my Boss HE The Deputy President Dr William Ruto for your counsel, My support For you remains Intact!!!!” MC Jessy announced.


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