Kenyan Musicians Shouldn’t Be Paupers, says Ezekiel Mutua

April 25, 2022

Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) CEO Dr Ezekiel Mutua says he is keen to improve the welfare of musicians in Kenya.

Speaking at the Malaika Cultural Festival in Voi, Mutua said musicians stand to benefit in a big way if they register with MCSK.

The Collective Management Organization(CMO)  seeks to register about 100,000 musicians in all corners of the country to have a bigger say on what the artistes earn per performance and from record sales.

Dr Mutua said Kenyan artistes deserve to earn from their creations and that the public needs to understand that music is a product that should be paid for.

“We should appreciate our artistes like they are appreciated in other countries. Recently, Barbadian singer Rihanna joined other singers such as Jay Z, Dr Dre, Kanye West and others in the Forbes annual billionaires list. Why, then, should our musicians be paupers with all the entertainment they give us?” he posed.

“There’s strength in numbers. I urge our musicians to unite by registering as members of MCSK so that we can increase our bargaining power,” Mutua added.

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