How To Use Kenya’s Mpesa in Tanzania

April 19, 2022

send money to other countries with mpesa

You took a business trip to Tanzania, you have paid your suppliers, and you have just run short of funds, or perhaps you are on a vacation to have sights of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro, but you are on the verge of being kicked out of a hotel because your credit card has been declined after hitting your credit limits.

You remember about your supportive friends in Kenya, and ask yourself, Can I use Mpesa in Tanzania?…then, how can you send money from Kenya to Tanzania?…a sigh of relief!

Can You Use Mpesa Outside Kenya?

Yes, Mpesa – the biggest money transfer service in Kenya, owned by the largest mobile network operator, Safaricom, introduced Mpesa Global to enable registered customers to send and receive money from supported countries. You can dial *840# and accept terms and conditions to opt into Mpesa Global.

Mpesa is operational in the following countries:

* Kenya
* Tanzania
* South Africa
* Afghanistan
* Lesotho
* Ghana
* Mozambique
* Egypt
* Ethiopia

The minimum amount of money you can send by Mpesa Global is Ksh101, while the maximum amount is Ksh70,000. The recipient will receive the funds in their country’s currency, and you can check the currency conversion by dialing *150*00# in Tanzania, *830# in Rwanda, and *165# in Uganda and following the prompts.

How To Withdraw Money from M-Pesa Kenya in Tanzania

With increased trade between the East African countries; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi, whose citizens enjoy the freedom of movement owing to East African Community membership, everyone is allowed to participate in legal income-generating activities in the countries, and Mpesa has moved in to ease the transaction between the participants.

For instance, if you are from Kenya and you’ve traveled to Tanzania to run your errands, it is possible to withdraw cash from your Safaricom Mpesa line at a Vodacom Mpesa Tanzania through the Mpesa Roaming Cash-Out program.

how to send money from kenya to tanzania

The money withdrawn from Safaricom Mpesa mobile wallet will be auto-exchanged to the local currency. To use the service, you have to opt in.

How to register Mpesa Global Service – Mpesa Roaming Cash Out

1. Dial *840#
2. Enter your physical address/location
3. Read and accept terms and conditions
4. Enter Mpesa PIN and send to approve the registration

You will receive an SMS confirming your registration.

How to withdraw money from Safaricom Mpesa in Tanzania

1. Dial *840#
2. Choose ‘Roaming Cash Out’
3. Select country – Tanzania
4. Enter Vodacom Mpesa agent number
5. Enter the amount in Kenyan shillings
6. Enter Mpesa PIN to approve the transaction

You have withdrawn money from your Safaricom Mpesa, and the Vodacom agent will give you the funds in Tanzanian shillings.

How To Send Mpesa from Kenya To Tanzania

How To Send Mpesa from Kenya To TanzaniaA registered Mpesa user in Kenya can send money to Tanzania through Vodacom Tanzania – the largest Global System for Mobile (GSM) communication network provider in Tanzania, with a market share of over 29.7 percent as of 2021. It is a subsidiary of Vodacom South Africa.

How can you send money from Safaricom Mpesa to Vodacom Mpesa?

1. Go to Safaricom’s sim toolkit
2. Click ‘Mpesa’
3. Go to ‘Lipa na Mpesa’
4. Enter pay bill number ‘255255’
5. Enter the recipient’s Vodacom number in the format 2557XXXXXX as the account name
6. Enter the amount in Kenyan shillings
7. Enter your PIN to complete the transaction

These are Mpesa Global transfer charges:

Min (Ksh) Max (Ksh) Tariff (Ksh)
101 5000 100
5001 15000 250
15001 35000 350
35001 70000 500

Can You Send Money from Kenya To Tanzania on Airtel?

Yes! You can send money from Airtel Kenya to any carrier in Tanzania so long as you are an Airtel subscriber and you have registered on Airtel Money.

To send money from Kenya to Tanzania using Airtel Money, follow these steps:

1. Dial *222#
2. Choose option 1, ‘Send Money’
3. Select ‘International Money Transfer’
4. Select country – Tanzania
5. Enter Tanzania’s recipient phone number starting with the country code – 255XXXXXX
6. Enter the amount in Kenyan Shillings
7. Confirm the details
8. Enter PIN to confirm the transaction
9. Choose the reason why you sent the money. This is just the customer’s feedback

how to send money to other countries using airtel

You will receive Airtel Money’s message indicating that the transfer was successful with the recipient’s name displayed.

How To Send Money from Kenya To Tanzania Using Chipper Cash

Chipper Cash is a fintech startup company that was instated in 2018 by Ham Serunjogi and Maijid Moujaled to enable Person to Person (P2P) cross-border money transfers.

How much does Chipper Cash charge customers? Chipper Cash services are free, and it earns its revenue through currency exchange. Through this, it made a $250 million in revenue in 2021, pushing its valuation to a worth of $2 billion.

In a bid to scale up digital finance in East Africa’s economic hub, Chipper Cash has made its services available for persons in Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries. So, how can you send money from Kenya to Tanzania using Chipper Cash? We start on how to register on Chipper Cash, how to deposit funds on Chipper Cash then how to send money on Chipper Cash.

How to register on Chipper Cash

1. Download and install the Chipper Cash app on Google Play Store or Apple Store
2. Launch the app and click the ‘Sign Up’ tab
3. Fill in your contact details – email, name, phone number, address
4. Press send to receive an OTP in your registered phone number
5. Enter the OTP to verify the account
6. Now authenticate the account by uploading your face selfie and upload your identification document
7. Pick your currency depending on your resident country
8. Create your secret code of approving the transaction

who started chipper cash

How to deposit funds on Chipper Cash

1. Open the Chipper Cash app
2. Click on the ‘Add Cash’ tab
3. Enter payment method – credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet such as Mpesa
4. Enter the amount and payment details
5. Enter PIN to initiate the payment

How to send money using Chipper Cash – Kenya to Tanzania and other countries

One can send or receive money on Chipper Cash so long as they are in Chipper Cash-supported countries. Chipper Cash operates in the following countries; US, UK, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.

Here is how to send money to other countries via Chipper Cash:

1. Open the Chipper Cash app
2. Navigate to the dashboard and click the ‘Send Money’ tab
3. Enter the recipient’s phone number, search from the phonebook, or search the recipient’s Chipper Cash username
4. Confirm the details are correct as displayed on the screen
5. Enter the amount you wish to send
6. Enter your PIN and secret code to approve the transaction

The money is now sent. You can refresh your account to check your balance. Chipper Cash charges $0.00 for peer-to-peer transfers.

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