Chebet Rono Stuns in Swimsuit PHOTOS After Massive Weightloss

April 22, 2022

About two years ago, content creator Deborah Chebet Rono shot to prominence on social media as an online comedian.

She went on to become one of the youngest radio presenters in Kenya at the tender age of 19. However, with her rising popularity, Rono was subjected to constant body shaming on social media over her weight.

But in May of 2020, Rono bravely took the body-shaming bull by its horns and shared photos of her body in a move to foster body positivity and self-love.

“Really hesitated before posting this thinking “can’t wait for people to talk and make a big deal out of this” but this whole pandemic has made me a whole different person. I literally have been transformed by just getting to know who the hell I am, genuinely loving myself and doing things for me. I’ve been body shamed my whole life and I would wear clothes that were huge and buggy because apparently, I am too big for 19. I literally wanted to be a nigga at one point??? I was like f*ck dis you know but I began to find myself learn things about myself take a pause on giving out more than I was receiving,” she said at the time.

The former NRG radio presenter also embarked on a weight loss journey that is proving to be quite remarkable and transformational.

She started with a 3-month challenge sometime in October 2021, combining healthy nutrition and 5-day gym- workouts.

After just two months, Chebet Rono weighed 16 kgs less from 104kgs to 88kgs. By January of this year, the YouTuber had lost a cool 25 kgs.

Along the weight loss journey, Rono has been documenting and showing off her progress on Instagram, much to the chagrin of her body shamers.

On a cold Thursday yesterday, Rono brought the heat, sharing some stunning swimsuit photos that would make her former body shamers swallow their words.

She simply captioned the pics “E L E M E N T💦”, as if to let her stunning body do all the talking.

And who are we to add any more words?! Check out the photos below. For dramatic purposes, we have published the before and after photos.


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