Nude Eric Omondi Chains Himself in Nairobi CBD, Demands Youth Plan From Raila and Ruto

March 16, 2022

Comedian Eric Omondi was at it again, taking to the streets of Nairobi in chains to demand better for the Kenyan youth.

In a video published on his socials Tuesday, a nude Eric can be seen walking barefoot in the streets of Nairobi while dragging chains wrapped around his body.

According to Omondi, the chains represent the situation that the Kenyan youth have been in since independence.

“The YOUNG people of this Nation have been in Chains since Independence. We have to break FREE!!! We have to change the Narrative!!! We MUST take back our Country BY ALL MEANS!!!” Omondi wrote.

He rallied the youth to reclaim the county from the political elite by voting for a “new untainted leadership’.

“We have the POWER!!! We have the VOTE!!! We have the STRENGTH!!!We have been USED, ABUSED and MISUSED for Generations by the POLITICAL CLASS and I say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!!!”

Eric further said he would make a major pronouncement in the coming days. He also issued a demand to the leading presidential candidates in this year’s elections, Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

“In 6 DAYS I will PRONOUNCE the way FORWARD for every young Person!!! Get Ready to take back your Country!!! If Raila or Ruto doesn’t reach out to Me/US and Give us a CLEAR REALISTIC PLAN for the young people. I PROMISE YOU!!! None of them will be in State House this August!!! MARK MY WORDS!!! There will be a NEW UNTAINTED LEADERSHIP in this Country!!! UNDERESTIMATE this Post at your own Peril!!!” Omondi shouted.

The new “untainted leader” Omondi is referring to is of course businessman Jimi Wanjigi, who last year hired the comedian to popularize his presidential campaign among the youth.

Here’s a video of Eric Omondi in chains.


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