Isaac Mwaura Dispels Divorce Rumors: ‘We Are Happy’

March 15, 2022

Nominated senator Isaac Mwaura says he has not parted ways with his wife Nelius Mukami.

Last year, speculation was rife that their marriage was on the rocks after Nelius published a telling post on social media.

“Removing yourself instead of returning bad energy is growth!” she wrote on one of her Instagram stories last July.

In another post, Mukami wrote: “Fall in love with your solitude… If you treat your partner like a kid, they’re eventually going to grow up and leave you, the same way kids grow up and no longer need their parents’ control.”

Speaking to Mpasho, Senator Mwaura admitted his 7-year marriage had gone through its fair share of ups and downs.

“I don’t think ours is immune to the challenges. We have had our own challenges and overcome any challenges that we have had. We are currently very tight,” he said.

“Marriages go through a cycle like a human being. There is infancy, childhood, adolescence and maturity. After around six or seven years, couples have challenges. We are now in our seventh year in marriage.”

Mwaura said they are happy having overcome several marital challenges.

“We are happy and we will never hide that we have gone through different challenges and overcome,” said the politician.

Mwaura mentioned therapy and counseling had helped them overcome some of their difficulties. He also noted they had stopped sharing much of their personal life on social media.

“We became celebrities by default after I proposed to her on Valentine’s Day and I didn’t expect the photos to go viral. But we became even more public after our colourful wedding and since then, people started following our lives.

“We no longer share so much about ourselves on social media. Get older people who can advise you in regards to marriages and put God first before everything, and know that He is the only one who can fight your battles,” Mwaura said.

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