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March 23, 2022 is a Kenyan website that helps you choose the best online casino by providing you with all the information necessary for you to make an informed choice. Mainly, the website gives information about the best online casino bonuses in Kenya, the best licensed online casinos, guides on how to play the most popular casino games and much more.

The main goal of the website is to share objective and balanced information regarding all casino-related matters with Kenyan players, starting with reviews of the best online casinos in Kenya. They give you accurate information about different online casinos, compare them to each other, and then recommend the best site for you.

Following the reviews, you will find explanations of the rules of each casino game, the best strategies, as well as all the other important information you need to play responsibly and know your chances of winning or losing.

What the players are probably most interested in are the casino bonuses. At, you can find a detailed insight into every advantage and disadvantage of a casino bonus offer.

The additional information on the site include the most popular software providers, online casinos in Kenya with M-Pesa and the best slot games to play for free.

Kenya’s Top Online Casinos features reviews of the most well-known domestic and international online casinos.

Their casino reviews are based solely on objective assessments of each casino individually. Through these reviews, they show the players all the disadvantages and advantages of a particular casino, with the goal of giving the player a clear and objective picture of the impartial side of what a particular casino can offer him.

You will see that in their casino reviews there are several casinos with very high ratings. After that, you have casinos that are very close to the highest possible rating, but there are things that can still be fixed.

Each review consists of several segments, and each one is important to the player, who will be able to decide on that basis whether the casino suits him or not.

Casino bonus

Bonuses are a topic that all players are interested in, whether they are expert gamblers or newcomers to the game. That is why we’re delighted to inform you that provides all the answers you’ve been looking for when it comes to casino bonuses. 

The competition in this industry is huge, so the goal of giving bonuses is very clear – the casino wants to attract new customers that will deposit money and play. This type of offer is usually called a “casino welcome bonus.” However, in order to get the bonus, the casino will set certain rules that you need to follow.

That is where CasinoBonus stands out. You will find detailed instructions on which rules apply to casino bonuses, but also on the terms of use.

They thoroughly examine all the online casinos in Kenya with free bonuses. They will provide a clear picture of what each casino has to offer, as well as the terms and restrictions of the bonus.

At, you can learn about all the types of casino bonuses and how you can use them. 

Casino games

Casino games have been a part of everyday society for centuries, and in order to become a serious casino player, you need to get acquainted in detail with every game you want to play. This is exactly the task of the CasinoBonus website. Here you can find all the most interesting and also the most important information related to casino games.

In general, the most important thing you need to know before starting to play any casino game for money is the rules. CasinoBonus will help you understand not only the rules of a casino game but also the way you should play it properly. And on top of that, you will find online casinos that offer free spins in Kenya.

If you’re new to gambling, you should check out this site. Even for the more seasoned gamers, checking it out and finding an in-depth review of the top bookmakers in Kenya, as well as their bonus codes, promos, and terms will be a major benefit.

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