30,000 Students Kicked Out of UoN

March 4, 2022

In an effort to clean up their records, the University of Nairobi has deregistered 30,000 students.

Last year, Vice Chancellor Prof Stephen Gitahi Kiama revealed that the university would be kicking out students who had overstayed at the university, or were entirely inactive.

These included students who had deferred their studies for too long, or served suspensions and never resumed their studies.

Following this trimming, the student body population dropped to 50,000.

“We started that exercise mid last year and we took through Senate the names of those who had overstayed, those who are not active and by the time we were closing the year in December, we had expunged slightly above 30,000,” Kiama stated.

“We have to ensure that we have active students. If you have not been active we ought to remove you from our system so that we focus on those who have registered and are in school,” he added.

The university will however offer those deregistered a chance to be re-admitted.

According to the VC, this clean up process is essential to planning and resource allocation.

“Some students register, do one course then disappear but do not notify us of their whereabouts. We are combing through the system because we need to plan for the active students,” he said.

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