Uhuru Used and Dumped DP Ruto, Claims City MP

February 1, 2022

In the earlier years of the Jubilee administration, President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto were almost inseparable.

Often seen wearing matching ties, the bromance that saw UhuRuto ascend to power sold Kenyans a lot of hope without actually delivering.

They fell out even before their first term had ended, with the exact reason perhaps only known to them.

Uhuru did mention that things started going south after Ruto started criticizing the government he serves while focusing on his presidential ambitions.

Some political observers have also tried to reveal what happened between President Kenyatta and Ruto but none has been as convincing.

One of these is Jubilee Party Vice Chair David Murathe, who sensationally claimed that Deputy President William Ruto made some disparaging comments about Uhuru Kenyatta.

“There is a day Ruto spoke in his native language and told his supporters to vote for Uhuru because as he drinks, I will be running the government,” Murathe said.

“It was during the funeral of the late Mark Too. The government always has a way of knowing some of these things. I suspect that was one of the reasons Uhuru decided to sideline Ruto was this statement,” Murathe said in an interview on Inooro TV in April last year.

And now, another political observer – Lang’ata Member of Parliament Nixon Korir – has shared another theory behind the UhuRuto fallout.

Korir says Ruto did nothing wrong and it was actually President Kenyatta who pulled one over his Deputy.

According to Korir, Uhuru only partnered with Ruto for votes in the 2013 and 2017 elections and later dumped him after actualising his goal.

“Kenyans should not be fooled. Ruto never did anything wrong to Uhuru. I think deceit by the President is what caused the fallout between the two and it was because Uhuru was just using Ruto to get votes in both elections. It was part of the game of using and dumping,” Korir told the Star in an interview.

Nixon Korir at Weston Hotel during an interview with the Star on January 28, 2022.

The MP also spoke about the forthcoming Sagana Three political meeting, in which Uhuru is expected to spill the beans on Ruto.

Korir said the meeting at Sagana State Lodge will have no impact on Kenyans who have decided to support Ruto.

“Which beans are these? Uhuru Kenyatta is the president and if something went wrong in Kenya, it is him to blame and not another person. As UDA we don’t know which ‘beans’ these are but we will just listen and continue with the Hustler’s journey we started,” Korir said.

The first-time lawmaker further claimed Uhuru would prefer to stay in power after his term ends.

“He doesn’t want to go home. In fact, If he had the opportunity to change the Constitution to remain in power he would have done it. But our constitution is very clear that on the serving term and forcing candidates on Kenyans will not work,” Korir said.

Adding: “The only thing I’m requesting the president is that he should not interfere with the elections. He should finish his term and exit, the rest to Kenyans to do it By electing their leaders.”

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