Ringtone Begs Kenyans for Forgiveness Over Size 8 Drama

February 17, 2022

Musician Ringtone has apologised after he caused a scene at Size 8’s album launch at the Panari Hotel on Sunday.

The controversial gospel musician said he watched videos of the incident and realised he had embarrassed his faith.

“I want to beg Kenyans for forgiveness for what happened on Sunday. We have really embarrassed the gospel of Jesus Christ. When I look at the videos that you guys have posted, people have started hating Christianity, because of what happened,” he said.

Ringtone added that his pastor reached out to him following the incident.

“Please Kenyans, find it in your heart to forgive me. My pastor even called me and he is not happy with what transpired,” the singer said.

Further, Ringtone said he wronged Jesus and not Size 8.

“Mimi sijakosea Size 8, mimi nimekosea Yesu,” he claimed.

Meanwhile, Size 8 says she has forgiven Ringtone.

“Iikuwa saa ya kudedicate album, sikuwa nataka mchezo wakati wa anointing, nikamwambia tafadhali ndugu yangu nakuomba ushuke stage, akakasirika sababu ya kuambiwa ashuke stage,” said Size 8 in an interview on Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto on Wednesday.

“Ata nilimsamehea nikasema yale Mungu ametenda sikutaka ku-divert glory.”

Size 8 also dismissed claims that they staged the whole incident in a bid to promote her new album.

“Watu walidhani tumepanga na tunatafuta kiki,” said Size 8, adding that the allegations disappointed her.

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