Rev Lucy Natasha, Prophet Carmel Rebuke Fake Miracles Allegations

February 24, 2022

Flamboyant city preacher Rev Lucy Natasha and her equally extravagant beau Prophet Stanley Carmel have denied allegations of selling fake miracles to their congregants.

The claims emerged from a viral shared on the Naijas Craziest Instagram account. It shows Rev Natasha is prophesying to a man and releasing his blessings.

The same man is then seen at the altar with Prophet Carmel and is said to have been healed from an eye problem as Carmel was praying.

Appearing on The Lynn Ngugi show, Rev. Natasha and Carmel rubbished the allegations as fabricated social media stories.

“Our Ministry has been at the forefront preaching Christ… all our church services are always live and that tells you that we have nothing to hide and our ministry is an open book.

“In terms of faking Miracles, the first thing I want to clarify which is very important as well is that people sometimes will just go out on social media and just pick out something and just fabricate and create stories. People can fabricate and create stories out of nowhere… we also believe in miracles, healing, deliverance and the power of the holy spirit. For somebody to say that we are faking miracles for what benefit and gain,” Natasha posed.

She added: “Even in the video that you are saying, it’s somebody that I prayed for in a different case, with two different prayer requests. A church is like a hospital so you pray for different people over different issues. The same person can be needing healing or marriage, so these are false allegations and we are a Ministry that honours and fears God.”

Prophet Carmel added: “There is no intention to fake anything because Jesus is the healer, we are not the healer. There is nothing that we need to prove, we pray and Jesus heals people.'”

Rev. Natasha went on: “We are not the healer, Jesus is the healer, we are not the miracle work, Jesus is the Miracle worker. For Us, we are just vessels, even when it comes to preaching of the word of God.”

The preacher further played down criticism from naysayers.

“Criticism has not started with Prophet Carmel and Rev. Natasha. Even from the times of Jesus, he was criticized by the system of the day. Moses was criticized for marrying an Ethiopian woman. Paul was criticized for preaching the message of grace. So it has not started today and we don’t let it get into our hearts or spirit,” Rev. Lucy Natasha said.

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