Mulamwah Spills Beans on Why He Dumped Carrol Sonie

February 23, 2022

Comedian Mulamwah has shed more light on his failed relationship with ex-girlfriend Carrol Sonie.

In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Mulamwah indicated he could not meet Sonnie’s demands financially. He hinted that this forced Sonie to look elsewhere for what she wanted.

“People do not just wake up and walk away. Some things happened before we broke up…we tried to come back together and sort things but again things weren’t moving on like they were supposed to. There are things that were very recurrent. Someone wrongs you in a particular way but they keep reminding you of the incident.

“That is what actually happened to us. Something happened before and the problem is being reminded every time you look at someone…it was really getting to me and I saw it fit not to push the relationship. We would have postponed a problem,” he said.

Mulamwah insisted he was not being a miser for refusing to spend big on Sonie.

“It’s not being a miser. Of course, if you have the money, spend it. We are those people who came to Nairobi by bus. We are here to hustle for 2, 3 years and then go back. So it is important to make that place you came from.

“Living in a Ksh 9,000 house does not mean I don’t have money. I have over a million, but it doesn’t make sense when you tell me to drink Ksh 8,000 and there is a person who we pay Ksh 2000 monthly to take care of our cows…I come from a place where money is valued. Ksh 1,000 can push my grandma for two weeks. You cannot convince me to spend 10-15k a night and yet I will not be accountable for it.”

Mulamwah added: “That was where the issue was. These ladies there are things that they love maybe. And if they miss it here they will go and get it somewhere else. That was the only problem that we had. When I came to realise that ‘this’ and ‘this’ was going on, I called it quits for my peace.

“Our issue came from there.”

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