12 Things to Know About Pinky Ghelani

February 7, 2022

Former Capital FM presenter, model and beauty queen Pinky Ghelani shares some little-known fun facts about herself.

  1. My life as a teen girl was very interesting because I have two elder brothers who didn’t want me to date. I started dating when I was 18 and my first love broke my heart.
  2. When we were dating, I had broken up with him and he‘d flown to the UK when he surprised me by coming back against everybody’s will. That is my best memory of him.
  3. I am not a daredevil. I always try to play safe. So honestly, there is nothing crazy I have ever done.
  4. I do believe that action speaks louder than words. He was constantly there for me. I believe in consistency and character. And just like that, that is how my man won me over.
  5. If I was to go to a lone place without my husband, I would do so with my kids. I love them and like hanging out with them. They are witty, funny and intelligent.
  6. My crush, well, that would be Salman Khan from Bollywood. The crush has stayed with me since I was 13. Well, now I just look at him and I am like… (wink…wink).
  7. My best choice of a dinner drink is always a prosecco or Rossete wine. Sometimes it’s a glass of champagne. I am a lightweight and I don’t drink a lot. In fact, recently, I started drinking less and so it’s more of sparkling water.
  8. The perfume I am wearing right now is Joy by Christian Dior. It’s awesome.
  9. I am not reading any book right now. None. It is terrible to say this, but all the attention span in between TikTok, Instagram, picking the kids and just being me….
  10. The last movie I watched was ‚Don’t Look Up ‘(a 2021 comedy directed by Adam McKay). I am always looking for the messages. We are told so many truths through Hollywood that we just have to read between the lines.
  11. Catch me dead doing what does not align with my authentic self. I believe in being very truthful.
  12. What turns me off about men?  Well, I think men who are b**c*es, like really, just leave that to the women. And also men without spines, I mean, just stand up for something.


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