PHOTOS of Rev Lucy Natasha Traditional Wedding

January 31, 2022

It’s official! Reverend Lucy Natasha has been bequeathed to Prophet Stanley Carmel.

Last week, we told you the celebrity preachers would tie the knot on Saturday and our informants didn’t disappoint.

Rev Lucy Natasha and Prophet Carmel, who have completely shut out the media from proceedings, began the first ceremony of their nuptials with a traditional wedding in Nairobi.

The private ceremony was held at the Evergreen Woodvale Drive House in Runda.

“Such a great joy seeing our families cementing the lovely bonds we share,” an elated Natasha wrote on social media.

Prophet Carmel added: “I have found the one whom my soul loves”Songs of Solomon 3.4.”

Our sources indicate Rev Lucy and Prophet Carmel will follow up the traditional wedding with a white wedding in Canada.

They are also expected to conduct another ceremony in Carmel’s home country of India.

Here are the photos from the traditional wedding

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