Koigi Wamwere: How Charles Njonjo Destroyed Kenya

January 4, 2022

Veteran politician Koigi Wamwere has lambasted Kenya’s first post-independence Attorney General Charles Mugane Njonjo.

According to Wamwere, Njonjo destroyed the country by subjecting it to colonial rule, capitalism, and dictatorship.

The former Subukia MP, who has since declared he will vie for the Nakuru senatorial seat in this year’s General Election, expressed his misgivings about Njonjo to the Star.

Read his sentiments below.


Njonjo was very important to the destiny of this country after independence, in the sense that, he played very important role in shaping the economic and political systems we would have.

We have to remember that he was coming from a colonial era where his father was a chief, as a chief, his father was supporting colonialism which very much shaped Njonjo through the education he was given in South Africa and UK before venturing back in colonial administration.

For some of us, he destroyed Kenya as it could have been.

The Kenya that we know today, which is not anywhere of a middle economy or even a first world economy, it still belongs to the Third World precisely because of the decisions that were made by some people like Njonjo.

So I would say he destroyed the country by subjecting it to colonial rule, capitalism, dictatorship and even more tragically assassination of persons who seems to be acting contrary to the status quo of the day.

Njonjo also we have to remember him as the architecture of the Seven Bearded Sisters who underwent a lot of persecution by being thrown out of Parliament and ending up in detention camps like Manyani, Naivasha, Nakuru and Hola.

These were patriots whose only crime were to be critical and Njonjo helped a lot to lock them up before he himself was demoted by Moi.

Njonjo was a supporter of the apartheid regime in South Africa; Njonjo and Kamuzu Banda were some of the most supporters of imperialism worldwide.

Njonjo basically loved white and he hated black.

He is even known to have said that he cannot fly in a plane whose pilot happens to be a black person.

He was a man who was completely married to colonialism and imperialism and even to apartheid systems wherever they were in the world.

I would have liked to know him in better terms but I didn’t because I was a victim of some of his policies.

Although there was a time he invited me to join the Moi government and which did not happen because I found it difficult to cohabit with a government that was acting completely contrary to my beliefs and ideologies that I stood for.

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