Octopizzo Reveals Why He Broke Up With Mexican Lover

December 1, 2021

Rapper Octopizzo made a rare confession, revealing details about his love affair with a former lover.

Speaking in an interview with Mwafrika, the ‘Fuego’ rapper said the two met in Gigiri at a party he had been invited to by his boss.

Octopizzo was working with an NGO that promotes the welfare of men and youth in Africa. One thing led to another and they eventually started living together.

At the time, Octopizzo was raising an 11-month old baby; his now 10-year-old daughter Tracy.

The Kibera-bred rap star said his Mexican girlfriend shape his perception of certain things, including how to show emotion.

One thing she taught me was communication. In our culture men don’t communicate or show emotion,” he said.

I had never celebrated my birthday but she offered to help me get a passport or learn how to drive for my birthday. Each required about Sh6,000 and she asked me to choose. I decided to apply for a passport and within six months I was booked to perform in Dubai,” Octo narrated.

After returning from Dubai, Octopizzo applied for an exchange programme to go to Germany and was selected.

Travelling opened my mind to other cultures. I used to think all foreigners were from the US but I learned that my girlfriend was Mexican,” he said.

Octopizzo disclosed that his partner was uncompromising and they eventually broke up. By the time they were parting ways, they had a daughter, Zara, who turns 8 in early 2022.

She used to bully a little and felt like the bigger person. For instance, if we were to buy a seat she would insist on having her way without compromise.

Eventually I told her that I need to create my home the way I have dreamt it to be, what I have been working towards for me and my family. That is how we broke up, in 2015. People don’t know this,” Octopizzo said.

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