How Betting Can Be Easier and More Profitable

December 29, 2021

Sports are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world today, although we usually don’t think of them that way. Billions of people around the world are united by their love for a certain sport, millions root for a specific sports team, and thousands visit the best platform for sports betting Zambia has to offer every single day to bet on their favourite events. 

For some, sports betting is a mysterious activity that has nothing but secrets. Actually, it can be a pretty easy – and sometimes profitable – thing to do. If you know what you do, of course – and these tips can help you with that.

Choose the events you bet on wisely

Football is football, one might say – but this is not entirely true. Football events – and all other sporting events, for that matter – have their own value for the progress of a team through a tournament: friendly matches have little value from this point of view, while the finals of major international tournaments are perhaps the most important in the “career” of a sports team. 

Thus, it is obvious that the teams will fight harder to succeed in a high-value, high-stakes match than in a friendly – and they are more likely to succeed.

When choosing the event you bet on, you should always keep in mind the relative value of the event and focus on those with higher stakes. To stick with football, a team will use better tactics and will rotate the players more often in a high-stakes match – it will fight harder to win, and this will show on the results as well.

Do some analysis

As a general rule, football teams playing at their home stadiums are performing better – they are well-rested, they are in a familiar environment, and they have their own fan base cheering for them. Except this is not always true. 

Liverpool FC, one of the most successful football teams in the English Premier League, achieved some of its most resounding victories this season when playing away from home: it beat Porto 5-1, Watford 5-0, and Manchester United 5-0, each time playing at the opponents’ stadiums. 

Don’t rely on “general rules” and similar theories. Instead, dig into the statistics of the team you plan to bet on to see the individual trends and predict their results accordingly. The records – available online on the websites of various leagues – will show you how many goals an individual team tends to score, how many yellow cards they tend to receive, and other similar stats. And these are all things that you can bet on later.

Keep your accumulators short

Murphy’s law states that “if anything can go wrong, it will”. This applies to accumulator bets as well. No matter how sure a bet seems, there is always a chance for it to lose. And the more bets you have on an accumulator, the more chances for Murphy’s law to apply there are. 

Keep your accumulators short. If you plan on betting on multiple events, go with multiple betting tickets with fewer matches each instead of a single, long accumulator. The odds may be better for a long ticket but the chances of losing because of a single match not going as predicted are also much higher.

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