Businesswoman Mary Wambui Explains Illegal Gun

December 17, 2021

The underfire billionaire businesswoman Mary Wambui has surrendered her firearm to authorities following a demand order from the Firearms Licensing Board.

Wambui had on Tuesday been given 24 hours to surrender her gun, which she held illegally.

On Wednesday morning, the businesswoman drove to Runda police station in Nairobi and surrendered the CZ75 Compact.

Wambui handed over the pistol and an unknown number of bullets at the police station saying she feared moving with it to the offices of the Firearms Licensing Board.

The businesswoman explained to the police that she wanted to renew her expired firearm license but when she visited the board offices in Industrial Area she found it closed over the Covid-19 pandemic.

She then traveled out of the country and could not renew the license as required.

Wambui, who is facing tax evasion charges totaling Sh2.2 billion, was on December 9 released on Sh25 million cash bail.

The businesswoman was found to be in possession of a gun illegally following a raid at her room at Weston Hotel. Officers recovered a firearm licensing certificate that expired on 17/04/2020.

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