You Have to be Vaccinated to Get Govt Services – CS Kagwe

November 22, 2021

Anyone seeking in-person government services in Kenya will be required to provide proof of vaccination, the Ministry of Health has announced.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe said the directive takes effect starting December 21

“Nobody said vaccination is mandatory..but if you want government services you have to be vaccinated,” said Kagwe.

These services include KRA services, Education, Immigration Services, Hospital and Prison visitation, NTSA, and Port services and others

The Ministry said all motorable operators including Drivers, Conductors, Bodaboda riders, Pilots, Air Hostesses, and others working in the sector will also need to be fully vaccinated and carry verification proof at all times.

Additionally, travelers from European/American countries must also provide proof of vaccination before entry into Kenya. Proof of vaccination will be required before admission to tourist spots across the country.

CS Kagwe noted that although the government has no intention of forcing anyone to get the jab, it would be improper to allow vaccinated people to entertain the risk from those that are unvaccinated.

CS Kagwe also addressed plans to challenge the directives in court saying the courts cannot force Kenyans who are vaccinated to entertain those that are not.

“What the courts cannot do is to force somebody who has been vaccinated to entertain a person who has not been vaccinated….so it is not the law that we want to use but it is for you to know what you need to do as a citizen,” he said.

The Ministry, in a bid to accelerate the vaccination drive, will be undertaking a ten-day mass vaccination exercise from November 26 in collaboration with County Governments and other stakeholders.

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