I’m Ready to Go to Jail! George Kinoti Declares

November 22, 2021

Directorate of Criminal Investigations boss George Kinoti says he would rather serve his 4-month sentence than return firearms belonging to Jimi Wanjigi.

Last Thursday, a Nairobi court ordered Kinoti to surrender himself to prison within 7 days for contempt of court. This was after he disobeyed a court order compelling him to return the guns to the billionaire tycoon.

Police: Wanjigi Was In Possession of Prohibited Semi-Automatic Assault Riffles

Kinoti says the ruling by the court was based on flawed proceedings.

He insisted that the Firearm Licensing Board on January 31, 2018, revoked Wanjigi’s license and therefore he is not allowed to own a firearm until the permit is reinstated.

The DCI boss also noted that he is not the custodian of guns and can therefore not give back what is not in his possession.

“The petitioner and the judge know it’s the board that is the custodian of civilian firearms. But instead of the court asking the right authority, they turn to Kinoti. What is the nexus between the DCI and the person whose license was revoked? The DCI, even if he is jailed for 100 years, can’t give Wanjigi firearms he doesn’t have,” Kinoti said.

“Even if the DCI had the firearms, and gave them back to Wanjigi, he would be breaking the law as the license to have the guns has been revoked. Some of the guns confiscated during the raid are prohibited firearms as they belong to special forces. Why would a judge order that such be returned to a civilian?” Kinoti posed.

“The court should have reprimanded Wanjigi instead. Moreover, there was no evidence to show that Wanjigi had appealed, in accordance with the law, to have the license… reinstated. I am ready to go to jail,” he said.

On whether he will appeal against the sentence, Kinoti told Sunday Nation: “The AG will handle that matter.”

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