Top 5 Digital Marketing Tools for Businesses in 2021

November 22, 2021

Digital marketing involves the use of online-based tools to promote your company’s products and services. 

In this increasingly web-based world we live in, most businesses rapidly recognize that adopting a digital marketing strategy is key to business survival.

According to a study conducted by Shopify Plus, we should expect eCommerce sales to reach a colossal $4.5 trillion by the end of 2021. That is testament to how invested in the internet current consumers have become. 

The internet is an information hub and trade platform. Studies have also shown that 67% of B2B buyers prefer to research products online alone than talk to a seller. 

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that companies enhance their digital presence through aggressive online marketing. 

There are different tools through which you can affordably build your brand’s online presence. 

These digital mechanisms provide an avenue for you to scale up and maintain your company’s online reputation through targeted delivery of concise information about your company’s goods and services.

Unlike traditional marketing strategies such as radio and TV ads, digital tools also allow you to track and monitor your campaigns.

They make it easy for you to tell which processes are bringing more customers to your business. That allows you to further boost your results by tweaking and adapting your message and methods quickly and efficiently.

Besides the efficiency that comes with digital marketing, your company can also enjoy a global reach at a fraction of the price associated with traditional marketing methods. Some of the five best digital marketing tools include;

Targeted Email marketing

One of the leading contemporary marketing practices is the use of curated and targeted email lists such as those offered by bookyourdata. 

In B2B marketing, email marketing involves having a list of email contacts of key decision-makers in your target market. To get a credible list, engaging an email service provider (ESP) is essential.

Once an email list has been crafted, your business can send its product information to these individuals as a way of marketing your products and services.

Well-designed targeted emails deliver relevant messages to the right person at the right time and are thus likely to convert into sales. 

With a successful email campaign, your company’s reputation or brand grows, and the business can drive a lot more qualified traffic to its website. To further save on company time, you could consider signing up for automated emails as well.

Due to the long-term utility of email lists, successful email marketing campaigns are the gift that keeps on giving. Since it is a service that requires little capital investment yet offers tremendous benefits, your enterprise will enjoy a remarkable return on investment (ROI).

Social media

Social media marketing involves the use of virtual interaction platforms to advertise and interact with your market.

With the increase in social media apps, there are plenty of platforms for your business’ marketing needs. Examples include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

Besides creating brand awareness, social media campaigns enable your company to gain real-time feedback from its target market. 

That first-hand information allows your business to respond immediately and appropriately. 

Endearing your products to your audience is another vital component of every marketing campaign. The vast reach of social media makes it easy for your business to achieve that. 

Also, due to the massive data that some of these platforms have, they are increasingly offering targeted ads to businesses. By taking advantage of this option, your business can reach individuals and businesses that are more likely to be interested in its products, translating into higher sales.

Lead generation and enrichment

Lead generation is the process where a business begins engaging with decision-makers in its target market and nurtures that engagement until they are ready to make a purchase.

Often, lead generation begins with your business’s landing page. Optimizing your landing page with smart Call to Action (CTA) buttons ensures that your inbound traffic is not wasted and that your visitors take action towards a purchase or long term engagement.

Examples of CTAs include ‘buy now’ or ‘add to cart’ buttons. You may also have CTAs tailored towards nurturing future lead engagement, such as ‘download your free trial‘ or ‘join our mailing list’ buttons.

In digital marketing, your business may cultivate its lead generation in various ways. 

These include email collection, email lookup, email follow up, data collection, landing page creation, and even marketing automation. An example of automated marketing you could use is Google Ads’ Smart Display campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves structuring your web content to make it more recognizable and appealing to search engines. 

By optimizing your company’s content, search engines will prioritize your site on the search results page. That makes your business more prominent and visible to potential consumers looking for your kind of products online. 

As a marketing tool, search engine optimization consists of several elements. These include the use of the right keywords and posting of relevant content. 

In SEO, always bear in mind that search engines go through hundreds of thousands of web pages. To ensure that your website ranks well and appears within the first batch of search results, your content must be relevant to the viewer.

SEO also encompasses off-site strategies, including the utilization of backlink building to external sites. Notably, Linkflow’s backlinking services offer valuable assistance in this area. By leveraging Linkflow’s expertise, you can enhance your website’s visibility, improve search engine rankings, and attract more organic traffic.

Graphics development software

In marketing, the power of visuals can never be overstated.

In digital marketing, such visuals include graphics, graphs, memes, and other graphic imagery.

Investing in the right graphics software is crucial in the digital space as it makes your images stand out and be shared, thereby giving your campaign a greater reach.

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