Rev. Lucy Natasha Gets Engaged to Indian “Prophet”

November 29, 2021

After much speculation about her love life, flamboyant city preacher Reverend Lucy Natasha over the weekend unveiled the love life, one prophet Stanley Carmel.

In doing so, Rev Natasha also marked her engagement in a colourful event at the Boma Hotel, Nairobi on Saturday evening.

Taking to her social media accounts, the founder of Empowerment Christian Church (ECC) announced her engagement, writing: “I said Yes!”

She added: He has made everything beautiful in its time. Ecclesiastes 3:11.” 

In another post, the Oracle of God preacher wrote: “My Love Carmel may the rest of our life’s journey together will be filled with God’s grace, blessings, provisions, protection and guidance. We shall continue to Serve God & Bless Humanity.”

Rev Natasha and Prophet Carmel have been secretly dating for more than a year. In a past interview, she described him as the perfect person.

“It has taken a long time but by the Grace of God, I can say I am in a good relationship.

“I am also not perfect but this is the person God has ordained for me. He is a friend and love is about two imperfect people coming together. This man, I feel like he is the perfect person. He is someone I can talk to if I have something good I need to share. When I am in a struggle, this is the person. I don’t want to talk much but he is a good man from a different continent.

“The greatest challenge is that we are in different countries and dynamics are different, but we are trying to navigate and love win. Yes, he is rich, but I am also a bazu and I am not a gold-digger but a gold carrier,” she said.

Rev Lucy also shared a large portfolio of pictures with Prophet Carmel. Check them out below.




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