“Respect My No…’ Sanaipei to Willy Paul Over Collabo Requests

November 16, 2021

Apparently, Willy Paul has refused to take no for an answer from Sanaipei in his attempts to collaborate with the sultry songbird.

Speaking in a radio interview, Sanaipei revealed why she refused to work with the controversial singer.

“I don’t do kiki [publicity stunts] and I always do music that is relevant to people. I don’t follow the crowd as well,” she said.

Sana also revealed the things she considers before collaborating with another artiste, one of which is discipline.

“First, content and talent. And how you carry yourself around people is also a determination,” she said.

“Willy Paul asked for a collabo privately and I responded privately, so if he did not understand, then he has a problem.”

Sanaipei mentioned that Willy Paul has been using people to convince her to work with him “but I have already decided and so my no should be respected”.

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