Ministry Proposes Mandatory Career Guidance in Secondary Schools

November 16, 2021

The Ministry of Education is seeking to make career guidance a mandatory requirement in secondary schools.

This would allow teachers to guide students while choosing university courses before sitting their KCSE exams.

University Education PS Simon Nabukwesi noted that students were pursuing careers that did not match their passions due to a lack of proper guidance.

According to Nabukwesi, more than 50 percent of schools in the country do not guide students on their career choices.

“Back in the day, students were well guided, there were career booklets which we received as soon as we stepped in Form Four and you’d look through and choose what fits you,” Nabukwesi said on Monday.

“These days many schools don’t have that booklet, they don’t bother to guide students…It is a gamble, students must think through, identify their areas of applications, and follow their dreams so that they are their best when they get to their careers but that is not happening.”

Nabukwesi wants career booklets introduced in secondary schools.

“I have proposed to make it compulsory for all schools to issue career guidance booklets to sensitise their students to know what exists in terms of career development so that when they get into it they can develop to their fullest based on talent,” the PS said.

He was speaking during a stakeholders forum by the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service for validation of the revised university entry requirement.

“Teachers have a role to identify a talent in students and guide them in choosing a career line that beat suits them to serve humanity and that is the essence of students choosing university courses while in school,” Nabukwesi added.

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