Why the Issue of Education CS George Magoha’s Tailor Keeps Coming Up

October 22, 2021

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has once again found himself on the receiving end of Kenyans on Twitter.

And it is all about the recurring issue of his suits. The 69 year old presents a no-nonsense appearance, and is the kind of person you really do not want to cross. There doesn’t exist a single picture of him laughing or smiling… at least not one that we have found.

For such an ever-serious character, Kenyans are always wondering who his tailor is, and what he has got on him.

A running joke is that Magoha’s tailor is the only person who does not fear him.

On Wednesday, the CS joined fellow government officials in Kirinyaga for Mashujaa day. Like clockwork, Kenyans were back at commenting on his suit.

In this photo of Cabinet Secretaries, you can see how Magoha stands out, and not in the best way. Standing next to him is the stylishly dressed Najib Balala.

And of course compliment his great fashion sense, Magoha went with a huge smile.. Lol!

Here are some reactions from Twitter.



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